Whoohoo! Google put me on the map!

To see if Google had already indexed my new blog I googled (lower-case ‘g’, right?) my own name. Good news: Google has indeed indexed my new blog already (that’s quite fast!). What I also found out was that my name shows up in Google Query Suggestion when searching on the Dutch Google version ( Here’s a screenshot:

Google query for 'Vincent van Scherpenseel'

I wonder what led to the inclusion of my name in Google Query Suggestions, whether it’s a certain amount of hits or a certain amount of queries for that name (no, I’m not really that narcissistic). Two other interesting things:

  • The Google Query Suggestions tool shows way less results than the actual amount of results (8.590 versus 21.200 total hits).
    I don’t know the reason for this. It could be that it uses only a subset of all available data to improve performance (which is really important with live query suggestions). Or perhaps it only contains domains with a certain pagerank?
  • When clicking on the suggestion, the original query (what you typed so far, before clicking on the suggestion) is included in the URI (‘oq=vincent+van+sch’). I think Google uses this to learn from its users to measure how good their suggestions are.

The next step is Wolfram Alpha’s index ;) Which -incorrectly, I might add- interprets ‘scherpenseel’ as ‘scherpenzeel’. A very common (and annoying!) mistake that people make with my last name all the time due to the fact that there is actually a town called Scherpenzeel in Holland.

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