The Beatles and Milo

In my last post I reminisced about ‘The Secret of Monkey Island‘, a game from the early nineties. Since then I lot has changed. Indeed. the graphics got a lot better, but a lot of people are saying that mainly because of the incredible focus shift to graphics the fun and gameplay qualities of recent games have been lacking behind. Well, I would like to share two great game-related videos with you that show off just how ingenious and big games have become.

The Beatles: Rock Band

What’s so impressive about this game? First of all: the licensing. It’s not often that you see a game based (or rather dedicated) to such a huge popular influence as The Beatles. Even after all those years, The Beatles are still at it in this shiny new form. Secondly, this is probably the best game intro movie I have ever seen.

Milo Project

What’s so impressive about this game? You really should see for yourself :) If this is the future, I rejoice it in all glory because this truly removes the limits between the virtual and the real world. I also fear it. If people can get addicted to fantasy games like World of Warcraft and totally immerse in its world, what about games like these? I am sure lots of lonely teenagers will lose track of the first and the second world. But hey, it sure looks incredibly cool!