Talking about contextual user testing at WebExpo

On the 19th of September the yearly WebExpo conference will kick-off again in Prague. With great talks on topics such service design, front-end and back-end development, product development and life hacking this is definitely the place to be for all web aficionados!

Contextual user testing

This year I’ve been invited to do my talk about contextual user testing. During this talk I’ll share my experiences with contextual user testing for SalesChamp and the best practices I’ve learnt.

Vincent van Scherpenseel's talk at WebExpo 2013 conference

Check out the WebExpo 2013 program for all talks and topics.

Get a 20% discount off your ticket

So if would you like to see my talk — or any of the other cool talks (did you see that Jesse James Garrett will be keynoting?) —, get your tickets now and profit from the 20% discount (first three tickets only). Be there or be ■.

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