Responsive HTML5 Touch Interfaces

At Yahoo!’s BayJax event Stephen Wood from Flickr gave an excellent talk on creating Responsive Touch Interfaces in HTML5. In his talk he discusses many things that probably a lot of people creating web apps for touch devices are struggling with.

You should definitely see the whole video, but the most important points are:

  1.  When swiping focus entirely on the user’s gesture. Don’t do anything else. No pre-loading, nothing. When interface interaction stops the user will feel as if the interface has broken down. Supporting the gesture with all resources possible is the most important thing.
  2. Don’t read from the DOM during gestures. Going to the DOM will block and stop the interface. Keep track of the gesture coordinates yourself (write-only DOM).
  3. Use hardware acceleration (even though it’s a “crash festival”).
Now grab your morning coffee and watch the entire thing :)

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