Over the past year me and my colleagues have been working hard on a fantastic project: SalesChamp. SalesChamp is a sales application running on tablets. It’s not purely an iPad application. As all the magic is happening in HTML5 this baby is cross-platform. As we are closing in on our TTM deadline we are readying all the important marketing stuff, like a kick-ass website and of course, business cards.

Play your cards right

Simon, the SalesChamp mascotteI’ll write more on SalesChamp — all the cool stuff you can do with it and all the cool stuff that make it do what it does — soon, but for now I want to talk about the business cards. As we are positioning SalesChamp as a ‘service with a personality’ (‘swap’ — I just made that up) we have a mascotte of course. Meet Simon! Simon is a true sales champ, our very own hero.

So, with such a great guy as the face of our app we wouldn’t get away with boring business cards. So, instead of the default boilerplate stuff I tried to put some fun in them by adding famous sales and marketing quotes on the back side of the cards. In total we designed 14 different backs, each of them with a few words of clever business wisdom.

Here’s one such example, with a quote from my favourite cognitive scientist:

Pretty cool, right?

Delivering an experience

After finalizing the designs we had to get them printed of course. I ordered them from Moo, and this week the cards were delivered. Not only did Moo deliver the cards, they delivered an experience! What a stellar job they do at going the extra mile. When I opened the (nicely designed) box I found 5 really cool (and solid) card holders containing our cards:

Packaging of SalesChamp cards ordered from Moo

The card holders had two tabs in them labelled ‘mine’ and ‘theirs’. Quite handy to organize received cards on conferences and such. It’s all in such details, like the little “buzzword challenge”-card, a game to fit as much terms like ‘viralize’ or ‘socialocomotion’ in your next meeting and see how long you can get away with it. Or the encouraging “Quick, schedule a meeting! Your Business Cards have arrived.”-message.

Piggybacking Moo’s new product: NFC business cards

A very cool product that Moo is working on are their NFC business cards. And of course they were smart enough to include a sample directly in my order. Scanning the card directed my web browser to a digital version of my freshly printed business card. A very clever move, as this is a great way to introduce a new product in a very friendly and cost-efficient way. I’m not sure if they are doing this, but if I were Moo I would keep track of who scans the NFC cards and target them for specialized offers later on.

NFC business card sample from Moo

A little disappointment

After ooh’ing and ah’ing about the packaging it was time to check out what it was all about: our cards. Unfortunately, my buzz was killed when I saw them. Due to some mishap the text on the front was very grainy. Not the crispness I saw one week earlier in the vector PDF on my retina screen. Fortunately, Moo is not only known for its great print service, they are also known for their great support. I am currently talking to their support to get this issue fixed and to get the cards re-printed. So hopefully I will have the final cards very soon.

Great experience

All-in-all this was a great experience. The cards are very well designed and align perfectly with our positioning. Except for the printing issue I am very impressed with Moo. And if you can get people to photograph and blog about their unboxing experience you’re doing something very well. I trust things will be sorted out with the re-print soon and we can start handing-out our cards. In the meantime, check out our (temporary) end result:

Business card of Vincent van Scherpenseel, Product Manager at SalesChamp


Update 13 november 2012: and as expected the newly re-printed cards look terrific! One very great delighter was the fact that Moo sent the cards via express shipping again. Because of this I received the cards exactly one day before an important SalesChamp demonstration meeting :)

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