Contextual User Testing @ WebExpo 2013

Recently I did a talk on the importance of contextual user testing WebExpo 2013 conference in Prague. During the talk I shared my experiences and learnings from the user tests conducted for SalesChamp.

These days user testing fortunately is nothing unusual, but I wanted to show the importance of doing this in the realm of the user instead of a laboratory set-up. I showed the assumptions that were busted during the user testing sessions in the field and shared best practices.



Interview on NL-CZ differences and education

After my talk I was interviewed by Honza Sládek on the differences between working for Dutch and Czech clients and education options for would-be UX designers.

Having a beer with Jesse James Garrett

Meeting Jesse James Garrett at WebExpo 2013 - Vincent van Scherpenseel

Although sharing my love for contextual user testing and meeting fellow passionate web geeks was great, maybe my conference highlight was something else: having a beer with Jesse James Garrett.

It’s not often that one gets to meet someone who made such an impact on the industry and can genuinely be called a pioneer in the UX-field, let alone having a chat and a beer with them.

In all in all it was a great experience!

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