I remember the moment Martin and I came up with the idea for BrnoJS. It was after we attended our first ViennaJS meeting and I had just learnt a new word: kurva zima. As we walked across Masarykova, at half past midnight in the freezing cold, we were amazed by the quality of the talks and the participation of the audience at ViennaJS. We both agreed we had to start something like this in Brno and started BrnoJS.

During my search for available domain names, I stumbled upon the domain name. Apparently, someone else in Brno had the same idea as we had. This someone, turned out to be Jan Mayer, who I had met at the WebExpo after-party in September. We even had a pivo meeting scheduled within two weeks. Perfect! Jan joined us and we launched the group.

Considering the fact that most of the existing meetups in Brno focus on back-end development, I expected less than ten participants for the first event. But after launching the group, RSVPs started rolling in a rapid fashion. We were amazed when we broke into double-digits, and we were going crazy by the time the 40th RSVP came in!

BrnoJS #1

Last Tuesday was the very first BrnoJS meetup, aptly called BrnoJS #1. And I can safely say it was a huge success! We had 45 people attending, two great talks by Martin Kačmar and Vojtěch Dobeš, great of audience interaction, and a lot of beer.

BrnoJS #1 - gallery

Thanks to everybody who attended the first BrnoJS event. Thank you for believing in the JS community of Brno, for all the great questions that were asked, and especially many thanks for sticking around even three hours after the last talk ended. Because after all, that’s what these meetings are about. To get a community of motivated people together who have two things in common: their love for JavaScript, and their love for beer.

See you at BrnoJS #2!

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